3 Ways to Fix a Leaking Ceiling


A leaking ceiling is a common problem yet causes huge damage to your home if left unnoticed. A ceiling leak can cause structural instability, the growth of mold or mildew, and also raises utility bills due to inefficient energy use. You can see the water spots and stains as they start seeping through the drywall. Probably you need to find the source of the leak and identify how bad it causes damage and then fix it.

Here are some common causes of ceiling leaks.

Toilet Leak

Toilet leaks can occur from the water or supply tank, but the most serious water leaks come from the worn wax ring which can lead to huge damage to the ceilings. When you flush the water will seep through the wax ring and run behind the walls, drip down the pipes, and cause damage to the ceiling. This will produce wet spots and reduce the stability of the building.

Shower Leak

Shower leaks will be quite difficult to find at first. Your ceiling leak may be due to the upstairs shower, in case the tiles or flooring are peeling near the shower. 

Sink Leak

The water leaks from your sink may come from,

Supply hoses

A loose strainer or a strainer that needs to be replaced

Damaged caulk

Loose P-trap connectors

If the sink leaks are not noticed, then cabinet doors may be damaged and get moldy at the bottom.

Roof Leak

Some of the common reasons for roof leaks are,

Gutter problems

Ridge caps and valleys

Vents, skylights, and chimneys


Missing or damaged shingles

Roof leaks will cause huge damage to your home, the large water spots on your ceiling grow mold quickly if left unchecked. During rainy seasons, the spots may be bigger and water may also run down your walls. 

How to fix it?

Toilet Leak Repair

First of all, drain and remove the toilet, then take off the old wax ring. Remove the toilet flange bolts, now it’s good to attach the new wax ring. Fix the toilet back to the floor, reconnect the toilet and test the new wax ring.

 Shower Leak Repair

To inspect the shower leaks, cut an inspection window and then check whether there are leaks. Rotate the shower tap to find the leak area, and fix a leaking shower valve. If the problem is in the valve, turn off the water valve and replace the cartridge. If the problem is in the valve body, call a plumber.

 Sink Leak Repair

Most homeowners might have faced this problem. To fix it, just wrap toilet paper around the supply line, if water leaks from it tight the connection. If this doesn’t work for you, turn off the water at the supply valve, then tighten it. If the leak doesn’t stop, you may have to replace the supply line. 

Use the above guidelines and fix the leaks. If it can’t be repaired by you, call a professional plumber and fix the leaks immediately.